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Sodetal 2014-2015 at a glance

01.02.2016 Since Terwingo acquired Sodetal in July 2014 the company has made significant progress in establishing its position as a reliable and reputable supplier of high tensile strength wire products. Today, the company’s product mix is well diversified across a number of industries and applications, among which are:

•    Steel cord for tire reinforcement
•    Reinforcement cables for conveyor belts
•    Steel cord for reinforcement of high-pressure plastic pipe systems
•    Saw wire for solar and microelectronic industries
•    Hose wire
•    Steel fiber

From operational perspective the company has achieved notable growth in terms of production volumes – 25% YoY growth in 2015 as well as in production efficiency, through installation of new machines, thorough refurbishment and upgrade of production lines as well as training of personnel.

While aiming to increase production capacity and output Sodetal puts much effort into ensuring high quality of its products and compliance with environmental standards – both ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 audits have been successfully passed in 2015.

Efforts of the new management have been appreciated by our longstanding valuable customers and allowed to secure 2016 sales volumes amounting to over 20,000 tonnes (+37% over 2015) and receive homologations for four new products. In 2016 Sodetal will supply its products to over 16 plants of 11 customers

Sodetal is paying strong attention to Research & Development activities. In the end of 2015 we have installed plasmatic wire surface treatment equipment developed by our sister company Petroplasma LLC that offers an environmentally friendly and higher quality approach to descaling and plating of wires

Building on its 48-year history on the European wire market Sodetal will continue to be a true local and independent supplier for its customers in Western and Eastern Europe

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