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Plasmatic wire surface treatment

15.01.2016 Sodetal AWT has completed installation works of plasmatic wire surface treatment line in Tronville-en-Barrois site.The unique, patented, in house developed technology by our sister company Petroplasma LLC will allow alternative advanced, environmentally friendly solution for wire rod pre-treatment (descaling) as well as plating of drawn wire (coating with brass or zinc).

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Apart from wire treatment and coating, the technology finds its applications in a wide range of industries providing modification and activation of the surface by giving it features, which significantly improve technical and economical indexes for further technological processing and/or for consumer properties of finished products We invite our customers and those interested to visit our Tronville plant and see how plasmatic treatment solution can help your production.

More information about technology can be found by visiting the website of Petroplasma:

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