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Fibres for reinforcement of concrete

HT-fibres for reinforcement of concrete in different lengths and diameters

For several years a new range of construction material has been developed: the steel fibres for concrete reinforcement. Thanks to its performance and mechanical characteristics that are much higher than any other kind of concrete known until now, the fibres reinforced concrete grants the architects new possibilities that could revolutionize the construction of the 21st century.

This special concrete is also used for the reinforcement of safes and shelters.

Our standard products with high carbon content, straight fibres with a diameter range of 120 - 350 micron and a length between 5 - 25 mm. The tensile strength ranges from 2800 MPa up to 4000 MPa depending of the diameter and the kind of steel.

Furthermore our R&D department can verify any specific request and the flexibility of our production equipment that can enable us to adapt quickly to any new demand.